An outstanding effort to achieve a business objective without active and applied reporting, is expensive and ineffective. The quality of the ongoing and active reporting to our clients is used to judge the quality of our work. We have many reporting options and touch points which assure information and consulting are communicated in the most useful manner for each client.

Presentation and consultation - This is a multimedia review and follow-up consultation regarding all findings and recommendations. A full presentation with follow-up consultation is the ultimate deliverable to assure action and performance. Presentations and consultations combine charts, tables, literals, and summaries into an effective tool for people at every communications skill level to understand and act upon. Presentations and consulting allow for interactivity, guided planning, and accountability.

Telephone presentation - When a presentation and consultation are not possible, an oral report can be arranged to be delivered in person or by conference call. This allows interested parties to ask questions, take part in crafting solutions and strategies, and to understand their role in the successful accomplishment of initiatives. Telephone presentations are generally less effective than in-person presentations which include follow-up consulting.

Employee training - Training programs can be created for individual employees, teams, or large groups, to teach them the reasons and results of implementing change, and helping them understand how to help the process. These training programs may include materials, instructors, testing, and course evaluation.
Follow-up testing is available to ascertain the long-term effectiveness of training programs.

Charted and indexed -
This is a collection of graphs and percentages which is a very good form of reporting for visualizing results. A wide range of people can understand charts and percentages, which also makes it an effective way to provide "snapshot" information to different departments without recurring analysis and explanation. Charted and indexed findings are a good way to express trends.

Strategic executive summary -
When bottom line results are what matters, this is the report to use. Reference data, and findings which are ancillary or statistically insignificant are ignored in preparing strategic executive summaries. These reports address the significant and actionable issues which have been indicated by research, consulting, and/or, planning. These reports are usually less than five pages in length, and can be read within fifteen minutes.

General summary - This is a written synopsis of all findings. A general summary is an excellent tool for readers and strategists to use as a reference. Statistical significance is included in this type of report to aid the reader in assessing priorities.

Raw data - This report is good for evaluating the nature of each discrete result obtained during a data collection process. Analysts with a client company can use this report to run their own summaries and evaluate findings in their own terms.

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