Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Retaining your best employees is a worthy goal. The best strategies to keep great people are seldom easy, but are actually less expensive than most employers expect. Fine people leave employers for reasons which can be clearly identified, and permanently corrected. Be prepared; employee satisfaction and retention solutions require corporate-level commitment. New programs and initiatives meant to temporarily improve employee morale or bolster employee expectations are not effective for long-term employee satisfaction.

Since 1991, our senior leadership has provided employee research, analysis, reporting and solution planning for some of the most prestigeous companies in the world. The techniques used to improve long-term employee satisfaction and retention include altered hiring practices, management training, reevaluation of goals and incentives, improved communications practices, competitive evaluations, and much more.

All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed. You will be satisfied or pay nothing.

Services offered:
  • Employee retention consulting and program development
  • Employee satisfaction and preference research
  • Employee service performance audits
  • Survey development, deployment and management
  • Periodic or ongoing survey processes
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting at every level within the organization
  • Management training
  • Training of corporate personnel to execute surveys internally

We are able to expertly employ a wide variety of data collection methodologies including:

  • On-line surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Focus groups
  • One-on-one personal interviews
  • Telephone interviews (we are uniquely proficient)

Every organization is defined by the combined behaviors of all of its employees. We can accurately identify individual and group behaviors, root causes, solutions, and ways to retain employees and maintain your competitive edge.

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