Significant Research was founded by Bill Voegeli in 2001 to help for-profit companies and non-profit organizations address their universal challenges of having great employees, and having great customers. After more than 10 years of global consulting, and more than 20 years as a business executive, he created a model for efficient and accurate information and data collection, objective and thorough analysis, and truly meaningful results. The goal of the Significant Research is to improve the value of our client companies through better sales, better operations, better employees, better clients, and a better brand.

We guarantee our clients' satisfaction. If, for any reason, our client is dissatisfied with our work, they pay nothing. It is a no-risk engagement, with outstanding results.

Significant Research is the product of years of professional service to clients, and years of testing and understanding how market research, analysis, and consulting are best applied to specific corporate objectives.

We produce results.

Contact Bill Voegeli: 404-245-5169

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